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Giving Medical Records to the Insurance Company

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We Discuss Why You Should NEVER Send Your Medical Bills to the Insurance Company After an Injury Accident

If another driver injures you and damages your vehicle, his insurance company might ask you for your medical records related to the accident. Should you provide your records to the driver’s insurance company? Should you talk with the other driver and his insurance company at all? What should you do if you are injured? How can you protect yourself after you’ve already been hurt? Find more information here.
If you are hurt in a car wreck, after seeking medical attention the first thing you should do is call a lawyer. Car, truck, van and other vehicle accidents seriously injure tens of thousands of Texans every year. On average, someone suffers serious injuries in a car wreck in Texas once every few minutes, every hour of the day, all year long. If you are wounded in a car wreck, call our Law Offices. We’re ready to help you enforce your civil justice rights.Personal injury attorneys

Medical Records

Your medical records will form some of the most important evidence in your lawsuit against the driver who hit you. Records from doctors, nurses and EMTs are the best way to reliably prove the harm done to you in an accident. And proving the harm done to you is the best way to achieve a fair recovery.

A common tactic by insurance companies in lawsuits is to ask people for medical records. If you send your medical records to the other driver’s insurance company, you are taking risks. Some of those risks are as follows:

The records you send may or may not be accurate.

They may or may not relate to the injury you suffered in the wreck.
They may or may not help you achieve a fair result.

Another reason insurance companies ask you for your medical records is trickier. If the other driver’s insurance company asks you for records and you send them yourself, you are showing the insurance company you do not have an attorney. You are also showing that you do not know what you’re doing. These are great reasons for the insurance company to take advantage of you as much and as quickly as possible. Insurers make fair offers to injury victims when those insurers are forced to. When you do not have a lawyer, you do not force insurers to do anything. You are at their mercy. Get a proven personal injury lawyer to protect your rights. Your lawyer is best qualified to make the important decisions about your records.


You do not need to send insurance companies your records in order for those companies to get your records. All an insurance company needs is for you to sign a simple authorization form, and the company can go get your records itself. These authorizations are called many different things: sometimes “HIPAA” authorizations, meaning they comply with a federal law known as the Health Insurance Protection and Accountability Act of 1996. If you sign a medical records authorization, a healthcare records authorization, a HIPAA authorization or anything else like that, you risk the insurance company getting your full medical records, even those unrelated to the accident attorneys san antonio

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The Bottom Line

Your attorney is the one who should make the decisions about any documents to turn over to anyone when it comes to your injury. Let the attorneys at our Law Offices bring their decades of experience to work for you and your loved ones. Call our Law Offices at 1-(210) 820-3434 to visit with our staff members right now.

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