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Accident Injury Settlement Calculator

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If you have a car accident personal-injury case, you may be seeking a car accident settlement calculator or some easy way to figure out the value of your personal injury case. This is natural. Personal-injury lawyers are often asked questions like this.Personal Injury Attorney san antonio

Car accident insurance companies like Allstate insurance company hired computer software programmers to create a car accident settlement calculator to make the system that they could use to save money paying on claims. In other words, they paid thousands of dollars or more to software programmers to create a car accident settlement calculator computer program that would help them under compensating injured people. However, even their extremely extensive, expensive computer program does a very poor job in calculating the real value of the case. Most personal injury lawyers would agree that trying to reduce the complexity of the value of a personal injury case of a simple car accident settlement calculator computer program is a mistake.

However, experienced car accident lawyers know the factors that go into creating an informal car accident settlement calculator. In my personal injury law office, we use the following five factors to help us estimate the value of the case. Before we discussed these “car accident settlement calculator” factors, you should be aware that the verdict potential of a case will always be higher than in injury cases settlement value. That is because you must give an insurance company or defendant in a personal injury case an incentive to settle the case. They must get a discount from the potential verdict value of case, otherwise, why would they settle the case? So when reading the following car accident settlement calculator factors keep in mind that the settlement value of the case is lower.Personal Injury attorney odessa

The five “car accident settlement calculator” factors are:

• Liability. In other words who was at fault? If it is undisputed in your car accident injury case that you were struck from the rear wall stopped at a traffic light on a bright clear day, these facts make your case stronger and therefore more valuable. But if there is a witness or physical evidence which suggests that you caused or contributed to the accident, your case is less strong according to this car accident settlement calculator factor and therefore less valuable.
• Total of medical bills and lost wages. The higher the medical bills, and the higher the lost wages, the more valuable the case is as a general rule.
• Severity of the injury. Was the injury extremely painful war on the order of management we painful or more like a painful annoyance? Was the injury pain sprain or did it require injections or surgery? When evaluating the car accident settlement calculator value, the more severe the injury and pain, the more valuable the personal injury case.
• Permanency of the injury. Is the pain and harm you suffered as a result of the car accident permanent in whole or part? If you are in pain and will be for the rest of your life, your case is more valuable than if you were in intense pain but the pain resolved in a few months. A permanent injury is worth more than a non-permanent injury.
• Every case and the injured person is different. This car accident settlement calculator factor is very important, but hard to measure. If there are facts in your case which make you more likable or make you more sympathetic than average, then the value of your case is greater. For example, if you are a non-or were driving a sick friend to the doctor, these sorts of facts could make you likable to a jury and enhance the value of your case. However, if the facts of your case put you in a somewhat less bright light, those facts could affect the value of your case in a negative way. It is this car accident settlement calculator factor that makes it impossible for a computer program that claims to be a car accident settlement calculator to give an accurate case value. Every case and claim really is different, and only experienced car accident attorneys can accurately evaluate the value of your personal injury case. Experienced car accidents attorneys are the only true car accident, settlement calculator.

Car Accident Settlement Calculator

No matter how severe your injuries are or what the facts of your case are, you can benefit by speaking with car accidents attorneys. Consultations are free and no obligation. That means you do not have to hire the personal injury attorney even after they speak with you and answer your questions. And if you hire a lawyer, they only get paid if they win your case.

If you have been involved in an accident or have questions the best way to protect your rights in the value of your case is to consult with car accidents attorneys. We are available to speak with you right now or at your convenience. Call now!

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