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Motorcycle Accidents can be Challenging, Discuss Your Case With Our Attorneys

After a motorcycle accident, there is every reason why you may be confused and uncertain about what you should do next. You may be wondering how you should proceed in order to receive compensation from the negligent person that caused your injuries.

Many people believe that the procedures after a motorcycle accident are similar to the procedures after an automobile accident. Unfortunately, the process is quite a bit more difficult. The attorneys at our Law Office have written this brief article to help explain your basic rights as well as to explain what to do after your accident.
Motorcycle accident attorneys Texas

Why Are Motorcycle Cases Different?

First of all the severity of the property damages and physical injuries are much more extensive than in an accident involving two cars. This is mainly because the motorcyclist has basically no protection in the accident and the motorcycle is directly exposed to severe damage. When the injuries and damages are so high, the insurance companies go on high alert immediately. They know that if they lose this case they will effectively lose a lot of money in a settlement. Consequently, they will send out their most experienced insurance adjusters and defense attorneys and will do whatever they can to negate your case and attempt to pin the blame on you. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney can help protect your rights in scenarios like this.

These adjusters in particular will try to talk with you and will attempt to have you incriminate yourself by saying that you really are not that seriously injured or even that you actually caused your own accident. They will twist whatever you say and will take things out of context to use against you later on in court.

Challenges Facing Motorcyclists

One of the biggest challenges that a motorcyclist faces is the popular bias that exists that basically denigrates the biker. Perhaps because of the manner that the media has portrayed motorcyclists, most people believe them to be wild, reckless irresponsible rebels, with little concern for the safety of anyone, including themselves.

Recent studies have shown that 85% of the general public assumes that the motorcyclist is the liable party when involved in an accident with the motorist. This is an example of a situation where an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can make a huge difference by being able to swing the jury into seeing the motorcyclist in a fair light.

In reality, studies have shown that most of the time motorcycle accidents occur because the auto drivers do not see the smaller motorcycle and drivers on the highways. Motorists evidently instinctively look for vehicles that are their size or larger and fail to be vigilant enough to recognize all vehicles on the road as they should. Again, this is a time when a skilled motorcycle accident attorney can prove to be invaluable, for it takes an experienced attorney to help juries overcome the misconceptions and prejudices that cloud their judgment when considering a case involving a motorcyclist. personal injury lawyers

Proportionate Responsibility

In a large number of accidents, both drivers are to some degree responsible. Insurance companies accordingly only have to convince a jury that the motorcyclist is 51% liable in order to win their case. It isn't necessary to prove that the accident was the motorcyclist's fault, only that it was somewhat the motorcyclist's fault. When you combine this with the already preconceived bias that exists with the jury, the difficulty in these types of cases becomes readily apparent. A motorcycle accident attorney can navigate these treacherous waters and ensure that the jury's biases have a minimal negative impact upon your case.

How We Can Help
We understand the trauma that accompanies a bad motorcycle crash. Our goal is to help you through this difficult period by taking away any worries or concerns regarding your legal and financial issues, allowing you to spend time recuperating and healing.

The attorneys at our Law Office have been successfully litigating personal injury cases for over 20 years. During this time we have won millions of dollars for our Texas clients from major insurers nationally. As a result, major insurance companies are well aware of our stellar reputation and are often eager to settle out of court rather than face our highly skilled attorneys in the courtroom. This of course can be beneficial to you, requiring less of your time involved in the legal process and generally enabling you to receive your settlement check more rapidly.

If you or a family member has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our Law Office today. We offer a free consultation and are available 24 hours a day. Our attorneys look forward to discussing your case with you and to answering all of your questions.

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