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Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit When a Loved One Dies Due to the Negligence of Others

Wrongful death is one that occurs when the negligent behavior of a liable party (a person or some other entity) causes, or contributes to, the death of another person. However, that cold, abstract legal definition just doesn’t come anywhere close to describing the enormous feeling of loss that descends upon your family when you’ve learned that your loved one has been suddenly taken away from you by the actions of another.
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And if the accident that caused this unfortunate fatality is the result of the careless behavior of that other person or entity, the devastation to your family can be total, and create unbearable and sometimes permanent psychological scars on you and the rest of your family survivors, in addition to instantaneously being thrown into deep financial distress that seemed so far away just a few days ago. Visit this webpage

Wrongful deaths can happen for so many different reasons and in a number of different ways: from a job-related accident to a vehicle wreck at the hands of a drunk driver to the tragic use of a defective product everyone thought was safe, to the careless actions of a trusted doctor. But they all often occur with virtually no warning, and in the blink of an eye. Such a sudden, shocking and unexpected loss can leave a bereaved family in an emotional fog as they grasp to deal with their swirling emotions in the immediate wake of their loved one’s death. The emotional wreckage suffered by some families after a loved one’s wrongful death makes thinking about seeking legal action an afterthought in the midst of their grief. The timing of those thoughts almost seems like an insult to their memory

However, pursuing legal action through a Texas wrongful death lawsuit can become the most important step in the healing process for a number of reasons. Our wrongful death attorneys offer the following information to help clarify why a family should not put a wrongful death lawsuit (or at least an investigation) on the back-burner, the issues that wrongful death plaintiffs can expect when they file such civil lawsuits, and how we might be able to assist you through your time of loss, sorrow and ultimately, your family’s recovery.

Why Must We Think About Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Our Family’s Time of Grief?

We can think of two reasons why a bereaved family such as yours should begin their pursuit of a wrongful death lawsuit sooner than later after losing a loved one because of a fatal accident: financial compensation and justice for their deceased family member. The stated purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to enable a grieving family to secure compensation for their loss from the party or parties responsible for this fatal accident. And even though no amount of money will ever return your loved one to you, it can greatly relieve you of the many financial burdens and dire economic need that such a loss creates on a family, like medical costs, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering (both your loved ones along with you and your family). Seeking compensation for wrongful death in Texas is important under virtually any circumstance. But timing is everything when winning this rightful and just compensation is especially critical in cases where a primary wage-earner has died. The financial remedy a family wins can help ensure that the surviving family is financially stable in light of their loss and that the lack of money will not add to their emotional ordeal. And allowing the circumstances behind the accident to go uninvestigated, even for a few days because you feel it might not be “appropriate right now,” could make the investigation of the matter all-the-harder.

The justifiable goal of a wrongful death lawsuit is for the negligent liable parties who are responsible for the fatal accident to be held accountable for their callous behavior. And since many fatal accidents may not result in criminal charges, most of the time a Texas wrongful death civil lawsuit is the only legal means that aggrieved survivors have to bring all negligent liable defendants to ultimate justice. The compensation that these negligent defendants must award to a plaintiff through a successful wrongful death case can be considered a punitive measure. Some even view it as just desserts. A high monetary award will make negligent defendants painfully aware of their actions that caused the death of your loved one. When we take on a wrongful death lawsuit anywhere in Texas, our clients get our best effort to ensure that they properly compensated; in addition to making sure that every liable party is held fully accountable. They may not go to jail for what they did. But they will pay.

Like you, we don’t want to see a similar fatal accident occur in the future due to the same negligent behavior by the same liable defendants. We want everyone who is even remotely responsible to be held fully accountable for the grief and pain they’ve caused you and your family. But again, remember, the longer a grieving family takes to put someone “on the case” means that much time the defendants, who usually know what they’ve done, have to cover their tracks and distance themselves from ultimately being held accountable.wrongful death law case

Contact our Law Firm's wrongful death attorneys at our toll-free number 1(800) 862-1260 for a complimentary, confidential legal consultation. We can answer all your questions surrounding the possible pursuit of a wrongful death civil suit anywhere in Texas. Our goal is to help you get through this difficult time so that you and your family can be fully compensated for your loss from the guilty defendants who are fully accountable for their negligent behavior. And with that peace of mind, you and your family can move forward with your lives, and your loved one can truly rest in peace.

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