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Teen Drivers and Auto Accidents

Even a small auto accident can escalate into a huge problem, but these can grow even bigger when a teenager is driving. The attorneys at our Law Firm are especially sensitive to the complications that present with a teen driver accident. If you or your teenager were injured or killed, our approach is to fight your case fiercely but accident attorneys


When a teen driver is involved in an accident, it is likely that he/she will be presumed to be at fault, at least by the other driver. Not because they were at fault, but because teens have a reputation for inexperience, distracted driving, and reckless driving. Statistically, the younger and less experienced the driver, the greater the risk of accidents. More on this website

The teen driver’s age alone might tempt another driver to try to blame the teen or to at least diminish or hide his own contribution to the cause of the accident. People are too ready to believe the teen driver caused the problem, not realizing that statistics showing the percent, or portion of accidents caused by teen drivers are also showing the percent of teens who have NOT caused accidents.

The fault should not be implied; it must be proven. If you are the teen in question, and you were not at fault, we will work diligently to protect you and your rights and will make sure that you are shown to be among those teens statistically not at fault.

At the Scene of the Auto Accident

There is a long list of dos and don’ts on what to do at the scene of an auto accident. We advise drivers to say as little as possible and never admit fault or even hint that they might be at fault. A simple statement admitting that you did not see something, or that you were not hurt, could come back to haunt you later. Be sure to read our list of steps to take for more details as this will help protect your rights. More information on this site @

Thorough Investigation of the Auto Accident

The attorneys at our Law Firm will make sure that a thorough investigation is done to discover all of the facts, including witness interviews, record reviews, analysis of procedures to be sure the report was handled impartially, scene investigation, examination of photos or video that may be available, examination of medical records and history of all drivers, just to mention a few of the pertinent facts.

For a no-cost consultation with an accident attorney who cares about your case, please contact the experienced Texas-based auto accident attorneys at our Law Firm

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