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Work Place/Construction Accident Attorneys San Antonio

The Texas Workers' Compensation claims process is very complex, especially in cases where the employer denies an injured worker's claim or tries to stop payments after they've begun.

To help injured workers understand the work comp claims process, our firm has provided this general outline of the workers' compensation process.

You are injured at work

When you are injured on the job, you are required to report the injury to your employer within 120 days of being injured.

If you fail to report the injury to your employer within 120 days of being injured or within 120 days of learning that you have a work-related disease, you are not able to collect workers' compensation payments and your case ends here. An exception exists for cases involving progressive diseases.

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Personal Injury

You tell your employer about your injury

Under Texas law, employers are required to post a form where it can be seen and read by all employees. This form gives the contact information for the person who handles workers' compensation claims for your company. The form will provide the name, address, and phone number of the person you should contact should you get hurt on the job.

Your employer reports your injury to the workers' compensation insurance company

After you properly notify your employer of your injury, your employer must immediately report the injury to its work comp insurance company. The employer must also file a Report of Occupational Injury or Disease with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation within a set time frame. If an injury results in death, the employer is required to file the report with the Bureau within 48 hours.

What happens next?

At this point, the employer will either accept or deny responsibility for your injury. Please choose one of the statements below that best describes your situation:

Injured on the job? Put our experience to work for you
If you don't have a lawyer to help you with your workers' compensation claim, the deck is stacked against you. It is important to know your legal rights if you are injured at work. The lawyers at our firm have been helping injured workers for over 35 years. Let us put this experience to work for you.

Free Worker's Compensation Consultation
Don't have a lawyer to help you with your work injury claim? If you have suffered a work-related injury, you can contact our law firm for a free consultation of your worker's compensation claim by calling our law firm from anywhere in the United States. At our law firm, there is no obligation to use our services and we never charge a fee unless we get money for you. Have question for our Construction accident Attorney - click here

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