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Our attorneys have represented San Antonio car accident victims for the past two decades and have helped them get the compensation that they deserve. So they can cover their medical bills, make up for time off from work, be compensated for pain and suffering, and have peace of mind knowing that the defendant driver was held sufficiently responsible. This article will explain how our San Antonio car accident attorneys handle car accident cases and what, specifically, they can do to help you with your case. Please visit our main website herecar accident attorney san antonio

Our Philosophy on Car Accident Cases

We believe that all humans make mistakes, but there is a difference between a simple mistake and a mistake that constitutes negligence and results in pain and suffering. As such, our purpose in representing car accident victims, such as you, is not to punish other drivers for every infraction, but rather to hold them accountable when they have committed a blatant act of negligence. When such an offense has happened, we will put forth every effort to make sure they are held accountable.

What duty do other drivers owe?

Every driver on the road has the responsibility to keep other drivers free of harm. In the legal community, this is referred to as a duty of care. When that duty is breached, a cause of action is created in much the same way that a cause of action is created when someone breaches the terms of a contract they have with you. However, in a personal injury case it is as if there is an unspoken injury contract, that is breached when the other driver crashes into you for whatever reason.

What does our firm literally do in a car accident case?

We will literally handle every aspect of your car accident case from start to finish. This includes acting as a liaison between you and a doctor and helping you determine the extent of your injuries and getting any and all medical treatments you require for your injuries. We will also handle all communications with the driver’s insurance carrier and evaluate any potential settlement they offer. We will also do all necessary research and collect important evidence that is needed. And of course, we will negotiate the value of your settlement and, if necessary, litigate your case from start to accident attorneys san antonio

Our attorneys have won many car accident cases with matters as simple as soft tissue injuries or as serious as multiple occupant fatalities and dismemberment cases. Our track record speaks for itself.
The first step in resolving your case is contacting our office. We will meet with you at your home or office where our attorneys will answer all of your questions, thoroughly review any important documents, and will begin the case immediately thereafter. It all starts with a phone call, so call us for a free consultation regarding your car accident case.

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