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Personal Injury Law - Fatal Car Accident

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Personal Injury Law - Fatal Car Accidents

Supporting Families Affected By Fatal Car Accidents
No experience is as difficult to endure as the death of a family member. If you recently lost a loved one in a fatal motor vehicle accident, the pain can be especially acute when you realize that an accident could and should have been prevented.

While no amount of grieving can fully remove the pain of a death, families of victims may draw some level of comfort knowing a driver who changed their lives is held responsible. By getting justice on behalf of a loved one, many families are able to begin the healing process. More about Car Accident Lawyers San Antonio

Personal injury law can provide a route to this end. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a responsible driver may help family members to move forward in the wake of tragedy.

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Filing A Wrongful Death Claim
While recent reports suggest that traffic fatalities are decreasing in the United States, too many lives continue to be lost on the nation’s roadways, including those in Texas. And many of these tragedies are preventable, the cause of someone else’s negligence.

Under Texas Wrongful Death Act, a spouse, child or parent can file a wrongful death claim to recover the “punitive or financial losses and expenses” resulting from the death of a loved one. In a successful suit, the following damages can be recovered:

Medical expenses your loved one acquired prior to death
Funeral expenses
Loss of future wages or income provision

Compensation for the emotional pain and suffering your family has experienced
While placing a financial value on a lost loved one is innately subjective and difficult, winning a monetary judgment can alleviate financial stresses. Under the Wrongful Death Act, families have two years from the date of the accident to assume legal action. If there is no surviving parent, child, or spouse, the next of kin is permitted to take legal action.

Helping Families Find Justice
By allowing an experienced and reputable attorney to take action on behalf of your family after a death, you may be able to find peace knowing that, as much as is possible, justice is being served. Trusting your case to a legal professional can also allow you to focus on your own personal healing process.

Of course, no legal action can take away the pain you have experienced and continue to feel. What filing a lawsuit can do is to at least minimize the negative financial impact on your household.

To learn more about the process of filing a lawsuit, call our office to schedule a consultation with a car accident lawyer.

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