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More than 40% of the American households call at least one dog a family member. Because dogs are so integrated in our lives we can forget that untrained dogs can present a danger to us and others. Even well trained dogs may attack humans. Dogs have been our companions throughout mankind’s existence they protect us and our families and that instinct can lead to some bad instances. Dog bites not only come from large dogs like – German Shepherds – Pit Bulls – Rottweilers and others. Nope, small dogs when giving an opportunity can inflict some nasty bites as well. The aftermath are deep tissue injuries, that may have to be taken care of by a plastic surgeon, to restore your looks. But what if a dog really got a hold of you and tore muscle tissue that requires you to undergo different surgeries. Also mentioning the traumatic emotional experience victims of dog bites encounter, permanent scars on the legs, arms, hands and face.

This is especially true when children are the victims of dog bites, the trauma kids can experience from a dog attack and injury can and will be lasting long into adulthood.

We understand the uphill battle you are confronted with. Our Laredo dog Bites Lawyers are here to help you with any and all legal questions you might have getting compensation for your injuries. Call us for a free case evaluation. Call the helpful Dog Bite Lawyer in Laredo, we know the personal injury laws surrounding these incidences in Texas.

Dog Attacks Can Result In Serious Damage

Dog are known to be man’s best friend, they offer great companionship, dog guard our homes and property and are an integrated part of our family.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 5 million dog bite victims every year, with roughly 800,000 of those needing medical attention. In 2015, 35 people in America were killed by dogs. These statistics are a reminder of just how serious dog attacks can be.

Common injuries from dog bites include:

  • Lacerations
  • Scarring
  • Fractures
  • Tissue loss and avulsion
  • Puncture wounds
  • Abrasions
  • Crush injuries
  • Infections
  • Disfigurement

Unfortunately too often the victims of dog attacks are facing multiple surgeries to reduce scarring of tissue. Also if muscle tissue was lost physical rehab might be required. Now if you, because of all the time you have to spend to get well again you miss work and suffer financial setbacks it is imperative that you call our Laredo dog bite attorneys to get compensation for loss of income, medical bills, mental anguish,

that could develop into episodes of a posttraumatic stress disorder! Let us carry the weight in the aftermaths of your dog bite injury and let us build a strong case for you. We handle your claim, you take care of your recovery.

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Texas Dog Bite Law – “One Bite Rule”

Texas is understood to be a negligence or “one-bite law” state. Dog owners are not held liable unless they have a certain degree of knowledge that their dog is dangerous or has previously bitten another person. This can prove rather difficult to show liability in dog bite/attack cases.

In dog bite cases, the injured victim must proof that:

  • The animals handler/owner knows that the dog has attacked someone in the past, or shows aggressive behaviour
  • Or the owner was negligent by failing to show reasonable care to making sure the animal was secured to prevent the dog from biting a person.

Even if the dog has previously bitten someone, the dog owner may claim they had no knowledge of the dog’s aggressiveness. Seeking compensation is often difficult, and insurance companies will do what they can to get you to agree to a cheap deal. You deserve to receive the fair value of your losses, dog bite injury claim.

That’s why you need an experienced dog bite attorney to help you understand your situation and build a strong case. The sooner you contact our law firm, the sooner we can start to undertake our investigations and preserve evidence. We dig deep to uncover the finer details that could help determine whether or not you’re able to receive compensation.

For a free consultation, contact our law firm to speak to a skilled personal injury lawyer. We will pursue every lead to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for these lawsuits. Our legal team will take the fight to the insurance company that covers the homeowner with a home insurance policy. we will take every step possible to help you and your family protecting your rights.

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